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This is great tip and know-how the do’s and don’ts for the social media websites and personal websites include facebook, twitter, or blogging. These tips are quite practical and applicable to use.

  • Do make it real
  • Do make it fun
  • Do make it rational
  • Do crowd source
  • Do raise awareness
  • Do plan
  • Do treat every channel differently
  • Do be smart
  • Contests are one way to make it relational
  • Don’t make it all about you
  • Don’t make it all about business
  • Don’t live it
  • Don’t be intimidated

Those tips have more ‘Do’s. It is actually good tip to have a clear objective to have one of social medias; however, on the other thought, I think that personal website is for you. Then why do you need tips and instructions? I assume that the reason to have those tips are either 1) you want to be a famous or influential blogger or 2) you want to generate or find some value of your life for yourself.

I think I should keep writing this blog since this is related to my career aspiration and linked to my personal objectives. Also I think that having just pure personal blog would be fun for myself to realize the joy and value of my life.