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Social networking site.
LinkedIn became very popular social networking website. It has many functions. You can find a job as a job seeker, you can post a job as a business, you can advertise your business through creating a business website, and most importantly, you can connect with people. This seems really good tool to boost your business and personal career opportunity by connecting with people and the world. The connection does not limit geographically any more.

However, sometimes, I see the downside of this website. In my personal opinion, the website would be another way of classification of people. For example, if a person doesn’t have any experience or connection with people but is about to explore own career, the person would have nothing to start in LinkedIn. How can the person start to build a relationship or make a connection if the person doesn’t have any past experience or connection with people? On the opposite side of explanation, it means that you have to have a connection, experience, or anything to be a user of LinkedIn. It is unfair from some level. And it can be translated that LinkedIn is only for someone who has connection with people and their business or career opportunities would be growing. This leads to the richer get richer and poorer get poorer at the end from the extreme conclusion.

It is depending on how you perceive the website to use.

I am not saying that LinkedIn is limited to certain people, but it should be consider some other people who just started their career.