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Hоw tо Conduct Yоur Own Market Research.

This is a great tip for market research! 🙂


This is about marketing: Selling condoms in the Congo.

Why it is not successful?

The condom companies’s marketing was not focused on the audience.

Amy Lockwood says that it is important to see WHO is the customers, not What you are selling.




This is great tip and know-how the do’s and don’ts for the social media websites and personal websites include facebook, twitter, or blogging. These tips are quite practical and applicable to use.

  • Do make it real
  • Do make it fun
  • Do make it rational
  • Do crowd source
  • Do raise awareness
  • Do plan
  • Do treat every channel differently
  • Do be smart
  • Contests are one way to make it relational
  • Don’t make it all about you
  • Don’t make it all about business
  • Don’t live it
  • Don’t be intimidated

Those tips have more ‘Do’s. It is actually good tip to have a clear objective to have one of social medias; however, on the other thought, I think that personal website is for you. Then why do you need tips and instructions? I assume that the reason to have those tips are either 1) you want to be a famous or influential blogger or 2) you want to generate or find some value of your life for yourself.

I think I should keep writing this blog since this is related to my career aspiration and linked to my personal objectives. Also I think that having just pure personal blog would be fun for myself to realize the joy and value of my life.


The Difference Between Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Branding

Image courtesy of Neutron, LLC.

This is one funny image for easy understanding of the definitions.

Marketing: Talk about yourself how a great lover you are. Trust or not, that is depending on the girl.

Public Relations:The girl hears about him that how a great lover he is through her friend by communicating.

Advertising:He is advertising himself as a great lover to her constantly.

Branding:She recognize him as a great lover. If she does without him advertising himself, then it is Brand Recognition.


LinkedIn is now a important tolles to run the business in many ways

– Job posting

– Marketing your business

– Connect people in the same industry

– Have a plenty of job talent pool

This article is useful to know that why LinkedIn is no one of the most important tools and how to use. As well as the comment from Jody Steinhauer.

Entrepreneurs can find suitable groups by through keyword searches, or by browsing relevant categories in the site’s Skills and Expertise section.

The Company Page is another important LinkedIn tool. It allows businesses to promote their products and services, embed YouTube videos, solicit customer recommendations, run targeted ad campaigns and track hits from visitors. Currently, more than two million businesses have such a page on the site.

5 Big Content Marketing Questions Answered.

Content marketing is a marketing activity that involves creation and sharing of media and publishing content to acquire customers.

Thus, the content is very important key factor that should be attractive to the customers.

The five big questions are:

Question 1: Exactly why Is Content Marketing Highly Recommended?

Question 2: Am I Able To Do My Very Own Content Marketing? Or Do I Require a Marketing Service?

Question 3: Is Content Marketing Just about Web Copy?

Question 4: How Should I Evaluate If My Content Is Performing?

Question 5: Just How Do I Get Rolling?

This article explains why the content marketing is effective and how to use properly to avoid just web copying and to improve business conversion.


Advertising adds value to a product by changing our perception, rather than the product itself. Rory Sutherland makes the daring assertion that a change in perceived value can be just as satisfying as what we consider “real” value — and his conclusion has interesting consequences for how we look at life.