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“There’s been a surge in construction of mixed-use communities in Toronto, which is attracting a more youthful, urban crowd who don’t want a long commute,” says the report’s author, Francis Fong. “They want to be close to their jobs, surrounded by great restaurants and night life. They want the whole nine yards.”



A recent C.D. Howe report examined the problems of general unemployment and youth unemployment in Canada and found that the problem is not so much a lack of jobs, but a mismatch between firms and the unemployed. There are regions and industries in Canada that are desperate for workers, but the unemployed have a different set of skills and live in different areas.


As a expected undergrad graduate in 2013, I have been experiencing the process of job searching in various perspective.

It includes job searching, poor economy, importance of people connection, internship, past work experience, volunteering experience, salary expectation, gpa, and so on.

Unfortunately, this new article is a good news or bad news for new grad in Canada depending on how you perceive the job market.

“Canadian employers shed 21,900 jobs last month, the first decline in half a year, as schools and factories reduced headcount. Despite the drop, the country’s jobless rate ebbed to 7 per cent in January from 7.1 per cent as fewer people looked for work, Statistics Canada said Friday. Job growth had been robust in recent months, strength that seemed at odds with other data that showed a clear slowdown in the economy. The latest report shows employment levels are now starting to reflect that soft patch, economists said.”

This means that fewer people are passionated to look for a job even though they want to.

Somehow, it says the job growth had been robust in recent, but new grads are still having hard time to find a job.