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The Difference Between Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Branding

Image courtesy of Neutron, LLC.

This is one funny image for easy understanding of the definitions.

Marketing: Talk about yourself how a great lover you are. Trust or not, that is depending on the girl.

Public Relations:The girl hears about him that how a great lover he is through her friend by communicating.

Advertising:He is advertising himself as a great lover to her constantly.

Branding:She recognize him as a great lover. If she does without him advertising himself, then it is Brand Recognition.



Advertising adds value to a product by changing our perception, rather than the product itself. Rory Sutherland makes the daring assertion that a change in perceived value can be just as satisfying as what we consider “real” value — and his conclusion has interesting consequences for how we look at life.

The Globe and Mail: The Winners and Lowers of the Super Bowl ads!



1. Budweiser: “Brotherhood

2. American Dairy Association’s Milk Mustache campaign: “Morning Run

3. Coca-Cola: “Security Camera

4. Doritos: “Goat 4 Sale

5. Mercedes-Benz: “Soul


1. Calvin Klein: “Concept

2. “Perfect Match

3. “

4. MiO: “Change is coming

5. Bud Light: “Lucky chair