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“There’s been a surge in construction of mixed-use communities in Toronto, which is attracting a more youthful, urban crowd who don’t want a long commute,” says the report’s author, Francis Fong. “They want to be close to their jobs, surrounded by great restaurants and night life. They want the whole nine yards.”



A recent C.D. Howe report examined the problems of general unemployment and youth unemployment in Canada and found that the problem is not so much a lack of jobs, but a mismatch between firms and the unemployed. There are regions and industries in Canada that are desperate for workers, but the unemployed have a different set of skills and live in different areas.

This is from another blogger about the quater life crisis that she is having.

For personal opinion, I have been thinking that I might be experiencing the quater life crisis as well.

It is funny that only twenty something people started having a life crisis already. But when you see this in opposite angle, this means that the young people are now facing hard decision to make, struggling to survive, and trying to compete with friends. Within this competitive worlds, the young people started to think that many questions regarding themselves or the world.

Here are some related questions that I have for my quarter life crisis:

  • – who am I
  • – what am I
  • – what is the goal of my life
  • – what am I living for
  • – where is the happiness coming from
  • – do I have to follow that what the world framed
  • – and… so on. 

The blogger talked about several things like happiness vs. fulfillment, goal settings, and bucket list.

I agree with some points but some are not because it is personal opinion.

“Everybody know it hurts to grow up” – Still fighting it by Ben Folds

For me, I am still finding my happiness of life and the standard of fulfillment. How can I define the happiness and fulfillment is very important on how I satisfy with myself and my life. About the bucket list, I always have been trying to list it but I could not. I just have a short-term bucket list. Having a bucket list would also help overcome the quarter life crisis because it lead to find the joy of my life and the origin of happiness. This may be possible because the bucket list doesn’t have to be work-related or career-related. It can be bungee jumping or eating very spicy food. By cross out each list from the bucket list, I might feel the fulfillment. And about goal setting, I may say this is the hard one. I am still not sure what is my goal of life. That’s why sometime I feel so jealous someone who already found their life goals. However, the fact that I don’t have my goal of life for sure, doesn’t mean I am behind them. I am just finding slowly. I hope the time difference that I have to spend extra to find the goal is not waste time. I deeply hope it.

The quarter life crisis that I am experiencing or other young people experience is reflection of the society that expects too much from them, or that makes them to fight and compete each other. This discourages to find the meaning of life sometimes. So I hope any young people like me finding the meaning of life and overcome the quarter life crisis.

Love, Alexa

The Crisis

I seem to be having what one might call a “quarter-life” crisis. Not that I’ve been out buying ridiculous cars or ordering prostitutes, but I’ve been having some serious doubts that one would expect to have during the more common mid-life crisis. I’ve come to a point in my life where I can clearly see my future, and I’ve begun to realize more and more how thoroughly I dislike what I see.

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As a expected undergrad graduate in 2013, I have been experiencing the process of job searching in various perspective.

It includes job searching, poor economy, importance of people connection, internship, past work experience, volunteering experience, salary expectation, gpa, and so on.

Unfortunately, this new article is a good news or bad news for new grad in Canada depending on how you perceive the job market.

“Canadian employers shed 21,900 jobs last month, the first decline in half a year, as schools and factories reduced headcount. Despite the drop, the country’s jobless rate ebbed to 7 per cent in January from 7.1 per cent as fewer people looked for work, Statistics Canada said Friday. Job growth had been robust in recent months, strength that seemed at odds with other data that showed a clear slowdown in the economy. The latest report shows employment levels are now starting to reflect that soft patch, economists said.”

This means that fewer people are passionated to look for a job even though they want to.

Somehow, it says the job growth had been robust in recent, but new grads are still having hard time to find a job.



The number of working women over age 65 rose 147 per cent from 1977 to 2007; those over 75 rose 172 per cent, according to the department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over the next five years, the number of older women in the work force will grow at a rate faster than younger women and almost double that of older men, the bureau said.

Some growth can be attributed to economic travails, but many women say they are making up for lost time after raising children or being shut out of male-dominated jobs in their younger working days. Others can’t imagine turning their backs on hard-won career gains.


Connection is really important these days in many different perspectives. Especially, connection with people is essential skill and one way of being successful in the global society.

Social media connects with people and the world and it became one of significant tool of marketing/business these days because of its connectivity with the culture, world, and people.