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Air Canada has been experiencing significant problems

  • financial problem
  • union
  • customer dissatisfaction
  • equipment
  • aircrafts
  • etc.

The problem started since 2001 from the merger with Canadian Airlines.

They struggle to overcome the bankruptcy issue very hard since then. It became back and forth like they seemed to be doing okay and then have a huge amount of net loss again through the years. The received funds and investments from private companies as well as from Ottawa. However, until 2012, they were facing another bankruptcy with failure of negotiating with unions. So the analyst used to say that the union and the pension plan is the chronic problem in Air Canada.

However, in February 2013, Air Canada reported that they had net profit from the 3rd quarter in 2012, which was a great news for them. They are about to launch a new low-cost carrier, Rouge, in July 2013, and they see this as an opportunity to compete with Westjet and to boost to returning to the profit.


Hоw tо Conduct Yоur Own Market Research.

This is a great tip for market research! 🙂


LinkedIn is now a important tolles to run the business in many ways

– Job posting

– Marketing your business

– Connect people in the same industry

– Have a plenty of job talent pool

This article is useful to know that why LinkedIn is no one of the most important tools and how to use. As well as the comment from Jody Steinhauer.

Entrepreneurs can find suitable groups by through keyword searches, or by browsing relevant categories in the site’s Skills and Expertise section.

The Company Page is another important LinkedIn tool. It allows businesses to promote their products and services, embed YouTube videos, solicit customer recommendations, run targeted ad campaigns and track hits from visitors. Currently, more than two million businesses have such a page on the site.


The Bank of Canada’s failure to forecast the fall 2012 economic downturn is an ongoing mystery. What makes this failure even more puzzling is that the Bank of Canada’s forecasts, while overly optimistic, have been relatively accurate since the recession.

5 Big Content Marketing Questions Answered.

Content marketing is a marketing activity that involves creation and sharing of media and publishing content to acquire customers.

Thus, the content is very important key factor that should be attractive to the customers.

The five big questions are:

Question 1: Exactly why Is Content Marketing Highly Recommended?

Question 2: Am I Able To Do My Very Own Content Marketing? Or Do I Require a Marketing Service?

Question 3: Is Content Marketing Just about Web Copy?

Question 4: How Should I Evaluate If My Content Is Performing?

Question 5: Just How Do I Get Rolling?

This article explains why the content marketing is effective and how to use properly to avoid just web copying and to improve business conversion.