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Air Canada has been experiencing significant problems

  • financial problem
  • union
  • customer dissatisfaction
  • equipment
  • aircrafts
  • etc.

The problem started since 2001 from the merger with Canadian Airlines.

They struggle to overcome the bankruptcy issue very hard since then. It became back and forth like they seemed to be doing okay and then have a huge amount of net loss again through the years. The received funds and investments from private companies as well as from Ottawa. However, until 2012, they were facing another bankruptcy with failure of negotiating with unions. So the analyst used to say that the union and the pension plan is the chronic problem in Air Canada.

However, in February 2013, Air Canada reported that they had net profit from the 3rd quarter in 2012, which was a great news for them. They are about to launch a new low-cost carrier, Rouge, in July 2013, and they see this as an opportunity to compete with Westjet and to boost to returning to the profit.



“There’s been a surge in construction of mixed-use communities in Toronto, which is attracting a more youthful, urban crowd who don’t want a long commute,” says the report’s author, Francis Fong. “They want to be close to their jobs, surrounded by great restaurants and night life. They want the whole nine yards.”


This post is really funny.

Every marketers and advertisement designers should consider this unexpected ads when it is misplaced!


Girl On The Wing

It must be pretty gutting to see your work laughed at thanks to some bad placement…




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A Story of Social Media

I’m practically jumping up and down with excitement while I write this. I was watching a show online last week, and an ad came up for Microsoft Outlook. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that a lesbian couple was featured in the ad, the storyline involving a marriage. Something like this would have never found its way into an ad even a year or two ago; I love that homosexuality in advertising is no longer being viewed as a marketing risk.

Actually, I’m in a TV Criticism and Analysis class this semester and we talked about how self-proclaimed “homosexual channels” hold the advantage in the LGBT audience. Apparently the spending power of a gay or lesbian couple is higher for some areas of consumerism— areas that many marketers won’t touch for fear of losing part of the audience they already have. However, maybe that’s changing.

The Microsoft ad isn’t…

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Understanding Personal Branding.


Personal Branding is the culmination of your actions; it’s an image that marks you as a brand. It is you, the entire package, outside and inside, in the sense that you’re unique and distinguishable from others” Joshua Waldman, MBA. Social media strategist and founder of Career Enlightenment.

I would like to have my personal brand as well. This doesn’t mean that I am a designer or whatsoever, this means a brand of myself. To have a great and attractive brand, I should have a good understanding of myself and future plan to be what kind of product and brand I would to be. For myself, personally, I would make my direction of building personal brand to business related as it is my future plan. It may include work experience, personality, personal experience, appearance, knowledge, opinions, and so on.